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SERVO 6.5 – 8 RADLIC Volldrehpflug
44.900 €
Preis ohne MwSt.
54.329 €
Preis inkl. MwSt.
Typ Volldrehpflug
Baujahr 2019
Standort Tschechien Å Umperk
Anzeigendatum über 1 Monat
Angebotsnummer des Händlers SERVO6.5–8RADLIC
Erforderliche Leistung der SZM 230 PS
Zustand gebraucht
Weitere Informationen
Farbe rot
Weitere Informationen
Customer Asset Number: 12653
Warranty: 2 years
Basic equipment
Octagonal plow for tractors from 230 - 400 hp
hinge category 3
leurite steel frame 180 x 180 x 10 mm
frame height 80 cm
shell 80 x 35 mm
support wheel 500 / 45-22.5
hydraulic (continuous) - setting of working width at NOVA servo
double-sided mounting of the body with hydropneumatic overload protection
blade with rotating chisel
full flares 41 W
body spacing 102 cm
hydraulic engagement adjustment 1. Blade
cover collar for blades 41W
TRACTION control rear axle tightening system
cut spring suspended shaped 500mm
shaped passive knife for creating a wider furrow
The machine is manufactured by the Pöttinger plant in Vodňany
Availability of spare parts - Bodies 41 w (Kverneland) - manufacturer of parts Pöttinger
etc.… Low prices of the swather !!!
Traction Control system - automatic reloading of the tractor's rear axle by up to 1,600 kg
without the plow hollowing out
Unique engagement adjustment system 1. Blades - by simp
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